Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 FO number 3 - ulterior motives

Here he is...

Ok. It's not that big of a deal. Just a plain blue hat. And given that it's mid-February and this is only FO (finished object) number 3...well, that's kind of embarrassing. 'Specially when FO #1 was only a neck warmer, and FO #2 was a sweater that started last September. It's not looking like I will win any prizes this year in the FO category. Oh well. Knitting is a PROCESS sport, isn't it?

I do have a lot of other stuff on my needles...slightly more interesting stuff, actually. So why did this little hat take precedent? Well, let me tell you.

Remember Augusto? He's our pal. He and his wife Lina have kind of adopted us which makes them sort of family. We spend most major holidays with them and their real family. Good good good people.

You might also remember Augusto as being the GENIUS who stopped bugs and small animals from falling on our heads when we sleep by plastering our bedroom walls. Same miracle worker who added the indoor stairwell making it possible to pee at night without a needing a flashlight, umbrella, shoes, or even clothes (I'm just saying, you know...).

As it happens, David and I have a few projects we'd like our pal Augusto do. For example, we need a fence. A big strong tall fence. Really strong. You see, we've got these dogs who have outgrown the living room, or at least their energy levels have. If I have to spend another summer with these guys alone without an enclosed outdoor space I will kill someone...probably David, for leaving me alone with them. In addition to a big strong fence (did I mention it needs to be strong?), we have some issues with you may have deduced if you've been following the last couple posts. Seems as though I will never completely get rid of the little black spots (aka: mold) without stopping the moisture in the first place.

Anyway, as I've mentioned, Augusto does good work and is in high demand. He's got a waiting list that, as it would seem being a member of the extended adopted family can't even penetrate.

I'm going to bribe him with a hat.

Maybe I should have added some stripes or a pom pom or something.

PS. Happy weekend. Happy Valentines day. And Happy Birthday, Spammy.

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