Thursday, February 19, 2009

frustration, randomness and large elephants

As frustration sets in whist I wait for my internet connection to, you know, CONNECT...I'll jot a few randomnesses here.

First of all, the new studio space is working like a charm. There are many reasons for this...
1. It has a heat source. Probably won't be such a big deal come June but in February, well, it's a big deal.

2. It has space. Big, tall, wide space. I can feel my self, my work, (my stuff!) expanding. It kind of makes me wonder if I will switch from creating little things like earrings to big things like, I don't know, two story paper mache elephant sculptures for example.

3. It has shelves. Storage. Proper, I-can-get-to-my-stuff-without-crawling-under-a-table-and-digging-through-14-piles-of-shit storage. Check it out! See that top shelf, it's empty! I'm not even USING all my shelves yet.

4. It has tables. Ok, they happen to be the same tables that were in the other studio but, they feel bigger now. Like big enough that I could sculpt a two story elephant on them with some paper mache.

5. Did I mention there's heat in there?

6. Oh yeah, the roof doesn't leak in this room either so, should I make, say, a very large animal out of newspaper, flour and water, it could dry without the danger of mold. This is also good news for yarn, books, dogs, and people.

In other randomness, yesterday was the last day, again, of Das Needle Club. Our host's time in Italy is over again until May. She did finish this fine thing, though, before her trip back to the land of the Danes.

And she made us a torta...

We also added a new member to the group yesterday. Christine is a fellow American thus giving us the majority now.

Which of course made Natalie feel like the token Brit of the group...which, of course she is.

In still other, totally unrelated to anything randomness - the oldest friend that I have, Nancy, turned 40 on Tuesday. (Of course I mean the friend that I've had for the longest time. I have other friends much older than Nancy.) I don't even remember meeting Nancy, that's how long we've been friends. We might have been three at the time. I can't think of a memory from the age of 3 to about 15 that doesn't involve Nancy. We did just about everything together. Our families even took holidays together. Nancy and I grew up together. And now she's 40. Happy Birthday, Nanc, does 40 feel as old as it sounds?

Well, if you'll excuse me now, it seems that my internet connection is now connected.


  1. Yes, it does feel as old as it sounds. You will feel it in seven months! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a nice day and my husband had a surprise party for me. I can't remember our first meeting either, but I can remember singing Grease songs around your pool on Pearson St. in Lake Geneva!

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    No, Laurie and I were the ones singing Grease weren't we? You two were too young for that!

    You think 40 is bad, try 45!

    Love 'ya-