Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, a house make over...

So I woke up this sunny morning with a bit of spring fever. It's really far from spring here in Maberga but just seeing the sun again made me want to clean. Rearrange and clean. This is a strange quirk of mine, when the season changes I need to rearrange the furniture. Or the house, as was the case today. I suppose one could have worse quirks. Like I could feel the need to say, change husbands at every season change. Or jobs. Or countries of residence. All things considered, I think rearranging furniture (or the house) is rather tame, and actually quite healthy.

This morning I decided that my studio should become the bedroom and the bedroom my studio (umm, I mean OUR studio. I will need to give David a corner or so since that room constitutes approximately half of the square footage of our living space...yah, ok, he can have some of it). This idea seemed brilliant to me for many reasons, the main one being that paper mache takes up A LOT more space than sleeping does. Ok, there was an inkling of a motivation coming from my well intentioned mother who still had great concerns about my housekeeping skills (or lack there of) and the consequences on my and my family's health.

So, with much enthusiasm I went at it. Let me tell you folks that it was no small undertaking. My (former) 5 x 10 studio packs a wicked punch.

First...empty the (former) studio. Does anyone else have a problem with collecting things?

Second...Scrub all walls with bleach...again. It seems that I had missed a few spots in my cleaning the other day which were revealed when I moved the ten ton of "collectables".

Third...Floor. Vacuum, sweep, scrub, vacuum, sweep the floor. Thank god that space is only 5x10.

fourth...paint. I painted everything a nice new, clean white. White WHIte WHITE. I love it. Clean. CLEan. CLEAN.

Finally, the fun part...moving stuff in. How about some before and after photos?

bedroom before:

bedroom during:

bedroom after:

I'm so excited! It's beautiful. Simple, clean, bright. Never mind that when it rains the roof in this room totally leaks. In fact it leaks (one of the places it leaks) is right where the bed is. Who cares! We'll worry about that when it happens.

Now... I have a little work to do in the new studio.

Quote from David: "You've got too much shit."

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