Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So I woke up today with that fog of grouchiness surrounding me, imparing my vision. You know, just the normal getting out of the wrong side of the bed kind of thing. It's not caused by anything in particular but I've noticed that grouchiness has superpowers.

Did you ever watch that cartoon The Wonder Twins? A pair of, well, twins who have the superpower of shape shifting. (If you've never seen them, you can check out more about them here). So I've discovered grouchiness has the same superpower. Grouchiness shape shifts.

In the cartoon the twins make fists and press them together (ala the Obamas in their version of high fiving). When they touch (the Wonder Twins, not our President and the First Lady) each twin says "wonder twin power ACTIVATE! form of ________!" (the boy always took some form of water and the girl some form of animal). And BAM! They took on these forms and then they'd go save people's lives or battle evil beings or something heroic like that.

So as I was saying, the fog of grouchiness has this super power of taking on concrete forms.

Fists together, "Grouchiness, ACTIVATE! form of rainy weather and loads of wet laundry!" BAM!

Fists together, "Grouchiness, ACTIVATE! form of wet dogs and (formerly) clean kitchen floor!" BAM!

Fists together, "Grouchiness, ACTIVATE! form of freezing cold studio and new beads waiting to become jewelry!" BAM!

Fists together, "Grouchiness, ACTIVATE! form of Wednesday Dad Needle Club and a translation that must be done today!" BAM!

Well, you get the picture... Unfortunately grouchiness, in any shape has never been known to perform heroic feats.

In case anyone was wondering, David did make it back from Venice with loads of beautiful new beads AND a car load of American goodies that he was able to buy from the US Military Base in Vincenza. And, I DID finish his sweater. Unfortunately not before he got home. I blame the lack of coffee. But he seems happy just to have it before summer.

Fists together, "Grouchiness, ACTIVATE! form of blog photos on camera and my inability to access them!" BAM!

Have a nice day.

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