Monday, February 09, 2009

It's the darnedest thing...

Isn't it just the darnedest thing - one day can you wake up and just about everything pisses you off, and then only a few days later you wake up and everything seems so dang lovely.

Take today for example. I'm just so darn cheery that every little thing has made me happy - happy like that mother in that John Denver song who cried when she saw the sunshine. (if you don't know the song you can ... well, you can look it up, I couldn't find it).

I had one of these.

It's a root beer float. You don't know what a treat that is when you can't have one everyday. Never take for the A and W for granted.

I played with these

and these

and made these, don't they just put a smile on your face?

I watched this

that's the full moon rising. Amazing.

It's in just the darnedest, most inexplicable thing that today the fact that it's 20 degrees F in the house because the pellet stove has mysteriously stopped working doesn't even bother me. And that black mold that is growing on the walls in my I say, "who cares! no problem! I'm sure the spores that it's producing won't do that much harm!"

Call it moodiness, if you want. I call it just the darnedest thing.


  1. well, looks to me as your day went just fine...
    guess i need one of those beers:)

  2. Nice shot of the moon. I have been gone for awhile, Mexico and also I had a problem opening your page. Well it's working now and I am glad to hear you are doing fine, sort of. Hope you get the pellet stove working again.